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Russian Supreme Court Bans Blood & Honor

Russian Supreme Court Bans Blood & Honor
Russia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that international neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honor is extremist and banned its activities in the country, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General’s office said.
“The association’s ideology is based on hate and feud on the basis of race, ethnicity, origin, religion or being part of a social group,” spokeswoman Marina Gridneva told journalists.
She said that ideology was directed against state officials, Jews, Caucasus, Middle East and Asian ethnicities, dark-skinned people and contained an urge for murdering and injuring them and destroying their property.
Gridneva said the organization’s organizers and members were also plotting a state coup in Russia, and added that some of its members have already been brought to criminal account for extremism and terrorist attacks.
Blood and Honor was founded in 1987 as a music promotion network and political group with neo-Nazi views. It has branches in many countries, including Britain, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

there forgetting the blood and honour div we have in central america we are the voice of the white man they wont ban mabey jail us for a wile but when 10 go down 1000 rise up and take there place long live blood and honour long live the white resistance .......steph88 ed 14 words scotland 

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MORE Asian grooming gang detectives hunt for FORTY more men who may have had sex with underage girls Rochdale-child-sex-trial-Police-hunt-40-suspects-promise-arrests.

  • Judge says gang preyed on five girls, aged between 13 and 15, partly because they were from different 'community and religion'
  • Nine men jailed for a total of 77 years as police prepare to arrest four more
  • Judge Gerald Clifton dismisses defendants' claims that prosecution was 'triggered by race' after ringleader brands him a 'racist b******'
  • But legal counsel for one of the convicted men says he will launch an appeal on the basis of a tweet by BNP leader Nick Griffin
  • Opportunity to catch the paedophiles missed after complaint four years ago
  • As many as 47 vulnerable girls were plied with alcohol, gifts and money
  • They were then passed around for sex with 'several men a day'
  • At least one victim forced to have sex with 20 men in one night, police say
  • Convicted men will be scattered in prisons across the UK and segregated from other prisoners over fears of revenge attacks
  • Former Labour MP Ann Cryer says gang were left to it because police feared being branded racist
  • Muslim leader warns that some British Pakistani men 'think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought'

  • Judge Gerald Clifton: Condemned the gang while dismissing allegations of racism against them
    Judge Gerald Clifton: Condemned the gang while dismissing allegations of racism against them
    Detectives who brought down a child sex grooming ring are poised to make more arrests - as the hunt continues for more than 40 other suspected members of the gang.
    Nine Asian men were yesterday jailed for a total of 77 years for raping and abusing up to 47 girls - some as young as 13 - after plying them with alcohol and luring them to takeaways.
    Now police have identified four more suspects alleged to have abused the young witness whose evidence helped secure convictions at the end of the 11-week trial.
    But many more remain at large as officers try to establish the real identities of men referred to in court only by nicknames such as Goofy, Ray, Juicy, Arfan, Ali, Manni, Mamma, Pino and Arfan.
    The suspected abusers have proved difficult to track down and it is feared some of them have already fled the country.
    But police in Greater Manchester have managed to identify four men accused of sexually abusing the main witness at a 'sex party' in 2008.
    Detectives believe at least one may be in Pakistan. They expect to make arrests in the next few days but are not planning to extend the investigation abroad.
    The trial heard that the men - who are all from Pakistan, apart from one who is from Afghanistan - groomed and 'shared' the young white girls because they were vulnerable.
    Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood, of Greater Manchester Police said: 'It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.'
    However, the gang's ringleader yesterday branded the judge a 'racist b******' after he and eight other men were jailed.
    The extraordinary outburst came after Judge Gerald Clinton accused the gang of targeting white girls because they were not part of their ‘community or religion’.
    Yesterday senior politicians clashed over the case – with one former Labour MP claiming police and social workers ignored complaints because they were ‘petrified of being called racist’.
    With experts on paedophilia insisting street grooming by Muslim men was a real problem, the judge made it clear he believed religion was a factor.
    Scroll down for video
    Lawyer: Alias Yousaf, solicitor for Adil Khan, confirms he will lodge an appeal against the conviction
    Lawyer: Alias Yousaf, solicitor for Adil Khan, confirms he will lodge an appeal against the conviction
    He jailed the 59-year-old ringleader for 19 years and eight other men for between four and 12 years, telling them they had treated their victims ‘as though they were worthless and beyond all respect’.
    He added: ‘I believe one of the factors which led to that is that they were not of your community or religion.’
    But he branded outbursts by some of the men claiming the prosecution was racially-motivated ‘nonsense’, telling them they found themselves in the dock because of their ‘lust and greed’.
    Detective Inspector Michael Sanderson, of Greater Manchester Police, said none of the convicted men had ever shown ‘the slightest bit of remorse’.
    They will be segregated from other prisoners over fears of revenge attacks.
    They are being sent to prisons all over the country where they were will be placed on wings which house only paedophiles and other sex offenders. One senior prison service source said: 'They will be given vulnerable prisoner status for their own safety.'
    The longest sentence of 19 years was imposed on the 59-year-old ringleader, who cannot be named for legal reasons. After a series of outbursts – including reducing a female juror to tears and insulting prosecutor Rachel Smith – he was banished from the dock.
    Yesterday he refused to attend Liverpool Crown Court to hear the judge jail him for rape, aiding and abetting rape, trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.
    Judge Clifton said it was no wonder he had struck fear into his young victims, branding him an ‘an unpleasant, hypocritical bully’.
    He said the girls had been raped ‘callously, viciously and violently’ after being attracted by ‘flattery, free food and alcohol’.
    He branded allegations that the prosecution was racially-motivated ‘nonsense’ and added: ‘This was triggered by your lust and greed. These sentences would apply to all defendants whether they be white or Asian.’
    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Abdul Qayyum, 44, who has been found guilty of conspiracy
    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Mohammed Amin, 45, who has been found guilty of conspiracy and sexual assault
    Evil: Abdul Qayyum (left), 43, was sentenced to five years for conspiracy. Mohammed Amin (right) 45, was handed five years for conspiracy and sexual assault. The gang's 59-year-old ringleader, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to 19 years in jail

    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Taxi driver Abdul Aziz, 41, of who has been found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation
    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Mohammed Sajid, 35, who has been found guilty of conspiracy, trafficking, one count of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child
    Monsters: Abdul Aziz (left), 41, was given nine years for conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation. Mohammed Sajid (right), 35, received 12 years tor conspiracy, trafficking, one count of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child

    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Hamid Safi, 22, who has been found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking
    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Adil Khan, 42, who has been found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation
    Scum: Hamid Safi (left), 22, was given four years for conspiracy and trafficking but not guilty of two counts of rape. Adil Khan (right), 42, was found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation

    Undated handout photo issued by Greater Manchester Police of Kabeer Hassan who has been found guilty of conspiracy and rape
    Abdul Rauf has been found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation
    Kabeer Hassan (left), 25, was jailed for nine years for conspiracy and rape. Abdul Rauf (right), 43, was found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation and jailed for six years

    Two men were acquitted on Tuesday, while a twelfth alleged gang member, Mohammed Shazad, 40, fled to Pakistan last year.
    Shazad, 40, was said by the Crown to have organised the 'sex parties' at his flat in Jephys Street, Rochdale. He was arrested but jumped bail before the start of the trial and fled to Pakistan last year.
    He is said to have paid taxi driver Abdul Aziz, who acted as a pimp, £30 or £40 for bringing girls to his flat for sex.

    The prosecution's main witness said she went to Mr Shazad's flat on countless occasions and was forced to have sex with him each time. He also took her to another flat where she was forced to have sex with other men, she told the jurors.

    Mr Shazad, who is also known as Khan and worked in a chip shop on Spotland Road, Rochdale, is said to have told reluctant girls brought to his flat: 'No sex, no money'.
    Greater Manchester Police investigated a complaint by a 15-year-old victim that she had been raped in 2008, but prosecutors opted not to press charges and the abuse continued.
    Police have played down the racial backgrounds of the men, saying the girls – mostly from broken or ‘chaotic’ homes – were targeted because they were vulnerable, not because they were white.
    Backing them, Keith Vaz, the Labour chairman of the home affairs select committee, yesterday told the Today programme that highlighting the Pakistani origin of all but one of the gang risked giving ammunition to the far-Right.
    But Martin Narey, former chief executive of children’s charity Barnardo’s, told the programme there was a ‘real problem’ which had to be confronted.
    ‘There is very troubling evidence that Asians are overwhelmingly represented in prosecutions for such offences,’ he said. Mr Narey added that ‘vulnerable girls on the street at night are generally white rather than more strictly-parented Asian girls’.
    He was backed by Ann Cryer, a former Labour MP in Keighley, West Yorkshire. She said: ‘This is an absolute scandal.
    They (the police and CPS) were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.’
    The abuse began at two takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale, including the Balti House (pictured), which is under new ownership
    The abuse began at two takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale, including the Balti House (pictured), which is under new ownership

    Under new ownership: The Tasty Bites takeaway - now renamed Bakar's - was the other takeaway at the centre of the scandal
    Also under new ownership: The Tasty Bites takeaway - now renamed Bakar's and sold on to new owners - was the other takeaway at the centre of the scandal
    Kabeer Hassan, 25, of Oldham, was yesterday jailed for nine years for rape and conspiracy.

    Abdul Aziz, 41, of Rochdale, was jailed for nine years for conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

    Abdul Rauf, 43, of Rochdale, was jailed for six years for trafficking and conspiracy. Mohammed Sajid, 35, of Rochdale, was jailed for 12 years for conspiracy, rape, sexual activity with a child and trafficking.

    Adil Khan, 42, of Rochdale, was jailed for eight years for conspiracy and trafficking.

    Mohammed Amin, 45, of Rochdale, was jailed for five years for conspiracy and sexual assault.

    Abdul Qayyum, 44, of Rochdale, was jailed for five years for conspiracy. 

    Failed Afghan asylum seeker Hamid Safi, 22, of Rochdale, was jailed for four years for conspiracy and trafficking.


    The family of a preacher jailed for his part in the Rochdale child sex grooming ring have spoken of their ‘terrible shame’.
    Abdul Rauf, 42, was yesterday sentenced to six years after being convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.
    His sister Kursum Begum, 48, and her husband Hameed Khan, 60, told of their shame at the ‘disgusting’ crime and insisted it was not about race.
    The couple described emotional scenes when Rauf broke down after he was charged by police fearing he was about to lose ‘everything’.
    'Disgusting': Abdul Rauf's sister and brother-in-law condemned the father of five's crimes
    Hameed Khan, brother-in-law of Abdul Rauf
    'Disgusting': Abdul Rauf (left) has been condemned by his sister and brother-in-law (right)
    In court, Rauf admitted he had sex with an underage girl in his taxi. Another girl told the jury she had sex with him 20 or 30 times.
    Mr Khan, from Rochdale, said: ‘We are ashamed - it’s a disgusting crime.’
    When asked whether he thought the abuse was about race, he said: ‘It’s not just wrong because he’s Asian - it’s wrong if you are Indian, Pakistani or Muslim. It is an awful crime. Everybody knows the rules of this country - all the communities do.
    ‘If you do something wrong it doesn’t matter if you are white, black or Asian - wrong is wrong.
    ‘What he did has brought shame and everyone in the community is condemning it. Not only me, all of the community.’
    Mr Khan told how Rauf, a married father-of-five, had admitted that he had been having sex with a young girl but insisted she was not underage.
    When charged, Rauf broke down in tears.
    Mr Khan said: ‘He was crying. He said he’d not done anything wrong and blamed his friends. He said if he hadn’t listened to other people then this wouldn’t have happened.
    ‘He was crying and crying - he knew he would lose everything. He was getting insulted everywhere. He couldn’t take his children to school.
    ‘My wife said to him: “If you don’t respect other people’s daughters how can you expect them to respect your own daughter?”’
    Mrs Begum, Rauf’s sister, said all her family feel guilty about what Rauf did.
    She said: ‘I’m angry - I was crying. Why did he do these things? He has brought shame on all the family. What he’s done is wrong. The law has given him punishment. It’s not my job to give him punishment but I don’t respect him like before. He’s still my brother but if he wants to talk, it won’t be like before.’

    Was there a BNP mole on the jury?

    Inside knowledge? BNP leader Nick Griffin tweeted that seven of the sex grooming gang had been found guilty while the jury was deliberating
    Inside knowledge? BNP leader Nick Griffin tweeted that seven of the sex grooming gang had been found guilty while the jury was deliberating
    At least one of the gang is to appeal against his sentence following claims that a mole in the jury room was in contact with the  British National Party.
    As the jury was making their deliberations under conditions of strict secrecy, BNP leader Nick Griffin tweeted that seven of the defendants had been found guilty.
    Urgent inquiries established that he was correct about the jurors’ current thinking, leading defence barristers to allege that one of their number must have been in communication with the extremists.
    Mr Griffin later suggested he had heard about the verdicts on Facebook – apparently on the page of far-Right splinter group, Infidels of Great Britain.
    The judge rejected a defence application to discharge the jury, saying there was no way details of their deliberations could have leaked out.
    But yesterday one of the men’s solicitors insisted his right to a fair trial may have been compromised as a result and an appeal was planned.
    Alias Yousaf – whose client, Adil Khan got one of the girls pregnant when she was 13 – said: ‘We are left with no option but to conclude that the confidentiality of the jury’s deliberations must have been breached and we submit the proper inference should be drawn that there must have been improper communication from within the jury room to Nick Griffin and perhaps others.’ 
    He added that it was necessary ‘to identify the perpetrator and to hold them to account for any interference or tampering with the jury’.
    Adil Khan, 42, only stopped abusing the child after six months because she got pregnant. The baby was aborted and Khan denied knowing the schoolgirl until police presented DNA evidence that proved he was the father.
    Fury: A British National Party member protests outside Liverpool Crown Court yesterday
    Fury: A British National Party member protests outside Liverpool Crown Court yesterday
    In a rebuke to those who had cast aspersions on the jurors, Judge Clifton yesterday praised the ‘painstaking and conscientious’ efforts of all 12, saying the entire nation owed them gratitude.
    ‘Anybody who may have doubted this jury should bear in mind the way that you have analysed the evidence and returned the verdicts,’ he added.
    Mr Yousaf also rounded on Merseyside Police, accusing them of failing to do enough to protect lawyers involved in the case.
    They were subjected to intimidation and even violence from far-Right protesters outside  Liverpool Crown Court, causing two barristers to withdraw early in the three-month trial.
    In response, Assistant Chief Constable Chris Armitt said his force’s high-profile presence outside court – at a cost of around £300,000 - had resulted in ten arrests while facilitating ‘lawful protest’.
    Among those held was Liverpool’s National Front mayoral election candidate, Peter Tierney, 55. The antiques dealer was later charged with a public order offence.
    Three days into the trial, a 100-strong mob attacked the takeaways in Heywood, near Rochdale, where most of the abuse had taken place. Police were pelted with bricks and windows smashed.


    A victim of the ring said she was 'let down' by police and the Crown Prosecution Service (file picture)
    A victim of the ring said she was 'let down' by police and the Crown Prosecution Service (file picture)
    A victim of the ring said she was 'let down' by police and the Crown Prosecution Service because the issue of Asian gangs grooming young white girls was 'unheard of' at the time.
    The girl, who was 15 when she was targeted by the gang, reported the abuse to police in August 2008 but the CPS decided not to prosecute because they did not believe a jury would find her 'credible'.
    After reporting the abuse she suffered for four more months at the hands of the gang and continued to be forced into having sex by her 'friend' - a teenage girl who was acting as a pimp for the men.
    She said the problem got 'worse' after telling the police.
    'I felt let down. But I know that they (police) believed me... but... because they said to me at the end that something should have been done but the CPS just would not - what's the word? - prosecute is it?
    'It's like, then, in 2008 it weren't really heard of... Asian men with white girls.
    'It was just unheard of. I've never heard of it. Now it's going on everywhere. You think of Muslim men as religious and family-minded and just nice people. You don't think... I don't know... you just don't think they'd do things like that.'
    The girl, now 20, only escaped the gang in December 2008 when she fell pregnant and moved away. She was then made to wait until August 2009 for the CPS to tell her they were not taking the case to trial.
    She called the men who abused her 'evil' and said she hopes they pay for their crimes.
    'They ripped away all my dignity and all my last bit of self-esteem and by the end of it I had no emotion whatsoever because I was used to being used and abused daily,' she said.
    'It was just blocked out, it was just like it wasn't me any more. They just took everything away and I just think hopefully they'll pay for what they've done.'

Wednesday, 9 May 2012



Kabeer Hassan, 25, of Lacrosse Avenue, Oldham, was sentenced to nine years for rape and three years, concurrently, for the conspiracy conviction.
Abdul Aziz, 41, of Armstrong Hurst Close, Rochdale, also convicted of trafficking for sexual exploitation, received a nine year sentence.
Abdul Rauf, 43, of Darley Road and Adil Khan, 42, of Oswald Street, both of Rochdale and also convicted of trafficking a child within the UK for sexual exploitation, received six and eight years respectively.
Mohammed Sajid, 35, of Jephys Street, Rochdale, also convicted of one count of rape, sexual activity with a girl under 16 and trafficking for sexual exploitation, was jailed for 12 years.
Mohammed Amin, 45, of Falinge Road, Falinge, also convicted of sexual assault, received a five-year jail term.
Hamid Safi, 22, of Tweedale Street, Rochdale, also convicted of trafficking girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation, has been sentenced to four years.
Abdul Qayyum, 44, of Ramsay Street, Rochdale, was jailed for five years. He will be deported to Afghanistan at the end of his sentence.

PLEASE WATCH THIOSVIDEO They came they saw they conquered (Mayor for Liverpool0

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Far-right party enters Greek Parliament

A Nazi-style poster with a Celtic cross replacing the swastika is displayed on the wall in an office of the candidate from the Greek far-right Golden Dawn party. AP photo
A Nazi-style poster with a Celtic cross replacing the swastika is displayed on the wall in an office of the candidate from the Greek far-right Golden Dawn party. AP photo
Greeks angered by a vicious and protracted financial crisis punished their two main parties in national elections today, with exit polls projecting them both hemorrhaging support and no party gaining enough votes to form a government.

The conservative New Democracy party appeared the most likely to win the top spot, while the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn seemed set enter parliament for the first time, gaining several seats -  a meteoric rise for a party on the fringes of politics until a few months ago.

Days of talks are likely to ensue as parties attempt to hammer out a governing coalition.

The election will determine the country's course after years of austerity measures that have outraged voters but which were critical in convincing international creditors to extend Greece billions in loans to keep its debt-saddled economy afloat.

Greece is heavily dependent on billions of euros worth of international rescue loans from other European countries and the International Monetary Fund, and must impose yet more austerity measures next month to keep the bailout funds flowing and prevent a default and a potentially disastrous exit from the group of nations that use the euro currency.

According to updated exit poll figures an hour and a half after polls closed, New Democracy was projected to win 19-20.5 percent, followed by the leftist Radical Left Coalition, or Syriza, with 15.5-17 percent. The formerly majority socialist PASOK party was projected in third place with 13-14 percent.

"The truth is here, the reality of this result is that at the moment this produces no government," outgoing deputy prime minister and senior PASOK official Theodoros Pangalos said. "It is not a question at the moment of who gets a little more or a little less." Initial official results with 14.4 percent of the vote counted showed New Democracy with 21.2 percent, Syriza with 14.99 percent and PASOK plunging to 14.83 percent.

The outcome is a devastating blow to PASOK, which won a landslide victory in the last parliamentary elections in 2009 with more than 43 percent. PASOK, along with New Democracy, have dominated Greek politics since the fall of the seven-year dictatorship in 1974.

"This is a major political earthquake, that has devastated PASOK," senior New Democracy official Panos Panagiotopoulos said. "New Democracy remains the first party but has a very low support number. It is an explosion of anger and despair. The fallout has affected many parties fairly and unfairly."

Thirty-two parties were vying for the support of nearly 10 million registered voters, many of whom were undecided on the eve of the election.

Golden Dawn, which has vowed to kick out immigrants and mine Greece's borders with Turkey, was predicted to win between 6.5-7.5 percent, well above the 3 percent needed to enter parliament. If borne out by official results, it will be a stunning result for a party that won just 0.23 percent in the 2009 elections.

"Greek citizens should not fear us, the only ones who should fear us are the traitors," Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos told The Associated Press.

Whichever party wins the most votes will get a bonus of 50 seats in the 300-member parliament. But with percentages so low and between seven and 10 parties projected to enter parliament, that will not be enough to form a governing majority of 151 seats.

The first party will be given a mandate to form a coalition, and will have three days for negotiations. If it fails, the mandate will go to the second party for a further three days, and then on to the third party.

If no coalition emerges, the country will have to have another election, a prospect which has alarmed Greece's international creditors.

New Democracy and PASOK were uneasy coalition partners in a temporary six-month power-sharing deal forged last November following a political crisis that saw former PASOK head George Papandreou resign as prime minister. In 2009, Papandreou had led his party to a landslide election win, earning 43.92 percent of the vote.

Before the election, New Democracy head Antonis Samaras had vowed not to form a coalition with its socialist rivals, saying such a prospect would require too much haggling to be effective. However, it was not clear how he would react to the official result.

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On this day May 4th:

On this day May 4th:
1471-War of the Roses: In England, Edward IV defeated a Lancastrian Army, killing Edward the Prince of Wales, at the Battle of Tewkesbury.
1814-Emperor Napoleon I of
France arrived at Portoferraio on the island of Elba to begin his exile.
1827-John Hanning Speke, the English explorer who discovered the source of the
Nile, was born in Bideford, Devon.
Chicago, Illinois, Jewish anarchists instigated a riot and a bomb was thrown at policemen trying to break up a red rally, killing eight and wounding 60. After a trial and being found guilty, 4 reds were hanged and 1 committed suicide in his cell.
1923-Bloody street battles between Nazis, communists and police in
Vienna, Austia.
1924-National Socialists won first seats in Reichstag despite being outlawed.
1945-Fedor von Bock, German field marshal along with his wife and daughter, were killed by a strafing British fighter-bomber
1945-German forces surrendered in
Holland, north Germany and Denmark.
1979-Margaret Thatcher became
Britain's first woman prime minister.Some of her first policies were to let thousands of Vietnamese boat people into Britain and the sell-out of White Rhodesia to black Marxists. Those who voted her into power and rejected the National Front were gullible fools and cowards. Even then as a 15 year old schoolboy and a supporter of the NF, I shook my head in disbelief at the stupidity of my fellow countrymen and women.
1982–20 sailors were killed when HMS Sheffield was hit by an Argentinian Exocet missile (supplied by France) during the Falklands War.
1983-Old age pensioner 63 year old Albert Mariner died in hospital after being killed by a mob of racial aliens intent on mayhem and murder stirred up by Labour agitators and led by white traitors. He was determined to attend a lawful meeting in support of a National Front candidate in Tottenham. Some 50 British patriots had to brave a mob of hundreds of black rioters while the police yet again lost control. Repeated calls for an inquiry into Albert's death predictably fell on deaf ears. Contrast with the Stephen Lawrence case.....

Albert Mariner lost his life in defence of you. Remember Albert Mariner. The quiet Englishman.

There's Nothing Wrong With Racism (Except the Name) Professor Geoffrey Sampson

'Racism' is certainly a horrible word. Words ending in -ism are normally formed from adjective roots: nationalism, specialism, communism. The correct word is 'racialism,' and this was the usual term until the shorter word came in quite recently, at a time when standards of education had decayed sufficiently for people to have lost touch with the patterns of English vocabulary.
But objecting to 'racism' as an emotion, rather than objecting to the word, is just silly. It is as silly as objecting to people's sexual feelings, and for similar reasons.
In Victorian times, it is often said that piano legs used to be draped, for fear that the sight of naked legs, even wooden ones, might inflame men's lusts. In time to come, the current hysteria over 'racism' will seem as ridiculous to us or to our descendants as horror of naked legs seems now. True, the draped piano leg story is actually an exaggerated myth -- the Victorians never took fear of sex that far. But even fifty years ago, like many Englishmen of my social class at the time, I was brought up to think of the desire to get involved with women's bodies as something utterly disgraceful and never to be admitted, even to oneself.
Once adult, though, I came to appreciate, intellectually at least, that this attitude makes no sense. The process of biological evolution ensures that organisms must normally have the patterns of behaviour which lead to their genes being replicated in many copies. For a man, the most direct way to replicate his genes involves getting mixed up with a woman's body, so biology ensures that he will want to do that. It is silly to be ashamed of feelings which are biologically so inevitable.
But evolution doesn't care about the physical location of the genes which are replicated. The logic of the process means that organisms will have whatever reactions lead to greater numbers of the identical DNA sequences coming into existence in the world. Copying them directly through sexual activity is only one way to achieve that.
Normal people strive to advance their children's interests, bringing them up as well as they know how, often spending large sums on their education, leaving their property after death to their own children rather than to someone else's, and so on. Everyone recognizes this tendency to favour one's own children over other people's as natural, and it makes sense in evolutionary terms. One's offspring share a relatively high proportion of one's own genes. By advancing their interests one increases their chances of replicating their genes, and hence indirectly of replicating one's own. Leaving your money to your children is nothing to do with taking direct copies of the DNA sequences within your own body. But, if having funds makes it easier to found a family and bring them up to adulthood (which has surely been so for most of mankind's history, and in many parts of the world still is so), then it does mean that more copies of those sequences are likely to exist in future.
Co-operating in daily life with fellow members of a social community helps them to flourish, and hence increases the chances of copies of their genes multiplying. So, naturally, we are disposed to co-operate actively with communities of people who appear to be genetically similar to ourselves. If we can tell by looking at some people that they share fewer of our genes, we will be at least somewhat less enthusiastic about active co-operation with them; we will to some extent see them as unwelcome competitors for resources. In a word, we are racialists.
People sometimes point out, correctly, that the proportion of mankind's entire genetic code which differs between the different races of Man is tiny, as if that destroys the logic of the argument. But biology plays the percentages. If people's appearance implies that they share fewer of our genes, that is enough for them to be disfavoured -- even if they do share a lot. After all, even distant species -- say horses, or even worms -- apparently have a surprisingly high proportion of their DNA sequences in common with Homo sapiens; but very few people query the tendency to favour fellow human beings over other animals, when their interests clash. Another confusion within much discussion of racialism is that people suppose that racial feelings spring from mistaken beliefs that other races differ from one's own in terms of concrete features or behaviour patterns which are really the same across the species. A hundred years ago, there used to be absurd ideas, for instance about Black people not feeling pain, or suchlike. People often criticize racial attitudes now by saying things like 'In all the important respects, people of all races are alike: so it is foolish and ignorant to prefer one's own race to others.'
Well, in the first place, even if all races certainly do feel pain, it isn't quite true that no socially significant biological differences exist. The case widely discussed is intelligence (IQ). There is overwhelming scientific evidence that races differ to some extent in their average intelligence levels -- yellow-skinned Orientals tend to be rather brighter than Whites, Negroes tend to be rather less bright (though this is a statistical pattern only -- plenty of individual Blacks are more intelligent than plenty of individual Orientals). There was a storm of controversy in 1994 when Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray discussed this in their book The Bell Curve, but the findings were already long-established by then. The suggestion that these differences could merely be statistical errors created by factors such as cultural bias in IQ tests was analysed and refuted in detail by Peter Urbach in 1974 (British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, vol. 25, pp. 99-135 and 235-59). For Urbach, the attempts to 'explain away' the IQ findings were like the doomed attempts by the 17th-century Catholic Church to explain away the evidence that the Earth goes round the Sun, by postulating ever more cumbersome special assumptions.
But this really misses the point. We don't prefer people who share more of our genes over people who share fewer because the latter have particular outward features that we dislike. We prefer the former because they share more of our genes, and we all want our own genes to become numerous. Biology forces us to want that, which is why it forces us to want to get our bodies entangled with the opposite sex. If some politically-correct person announces 'I have no racial feelings at all, myself,' the appropriate response is 'Oh, so does that mean you are asexual, too?' That might wipe the sanctimonious smirk off his or her face.
All this does not, obviously, mean that it is all right to act oppressively to members of other races -- any more than it is all right for a man to have his way with any woman who takes his fancy. Racial and sexual feelings are natural and healthy, but there have to be social mechanisms controlling how they are manifested in terms of concrete behaviour.
Until very recently, we used in Europe to have an excellent mechanism: the nation state. When I was a child, England and other European nations were racially very homogeneous. Except for a small Jewish community (who don't look much different from the indigenous English anyway), virtually everyone living in England was related to everyone else -- I don't know the maths, but two inhabitants of England chosen at random in 1950 must on average have had numerous common ancestors only a few centuries earlier. Interaction with members of distant races was mainly a matter of international trade, where it doesn't matter what individuals' attitudes to one another are because they are swapping goods anonymously to achieve mutual advantage.
Over the last half century, the situation has been transformed through massive immigration flows, so that now England is less like an extended family, more like a hotel. It is now very easy to find pairs of English residents who share no common ancestors for tens of thousands of years past, perhaps longer -- and who know this as soon as they see each other. Our governors, by permitting large-scale immigration, have destroyed the mechanism which previously guarded against adverse consequences of natural racial feelings. But, while destroying one mechanism, with mulish stupidity they have refused to recognize the problem which that mechanism solved. No British government in my lifetime has ever said 'We are going to change the racial make-up of the population, and here is how we are going to solve the resulting problem of racial animosities ...' Instead, they have introduced a series of laws and social policies whose intention seems to be to root out natural racial feelings from people's minds.
That is like someone being given charge of a well-organized armoury, where gunpowder, and metal tools that could make sparks, are stored in separate rooms, naked lights are held behind sealed glass partitions, and so forth, and saying 'We'll sweep away all these artificial barriers to efficient working' -- and then, when people say that will be dangerous, announcing that the tools will be given stiff lectures about the immorality of striking sparks. You simply cannot change basic biological nature by law. Of course, racial diversification is only one of the issues created by large-scale immigration. Also very significant is cultural diversification: people from distant lands bring alien assumptions, attitudes, and ways of life which are in no sense biologically innate, but result simply from distant societies having happened to develop independent and very different cultures.
In turn-of-the-millennium Britain, one hears voices advocating 'multi-culturalism,' meaning that all cultures should be regarded as equally worthy. In one particular respect -- variety of cuisine -- most of us would agree that immigration has brought a real benefit to this country. But, as an Italian has said, 'Multi-culturalism is not couscous, it is the stoning of adulterers' (quoted by Theodore Dalrymple, Spectator 27 Oct 2001). The fact that Britain is so attractive to migrants that they are risking death night after night trying to get in by clinging to trains heading through the Channel Tunnel is an outcome of the particular cultural assumptions which have guided the development of British life down recent centuries. If 'multi-culturalism' implies no longer accepting those assumptions, it is just wicked madness. Cultures can be adapted, and it is obvious that anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of living in Britain ought to accept a corresponding duty to adapt to British culture.
Race isn't like that. People cannot change their racial make-up. In that sense, it is understandable and in a way admirable that many people urge the elimination of racial feelings. One can sympathize with someone who says 'Wouldn't it be better if people saw mankind as just one human race without distinctions?'
Perhaps that would be better. But it is like asking 'Wouldn't it be better if water flowed uphill as well as down?' Possibly it would, but there is not much point discussing it. It isn't going to happen.
If I am told I am a 'racist', I don't splutter indignant denials. I borrow the response of Hove residents asked if they live in Brighton, and just say 'Racialist, actually.'

Prof. Sampson teaches computer science at the University of Sussex. An account of his encounter with the UK's unofficial thought-police is available on his website. It is now abundantly clear that multiracialism's various orthodoxies are so obviously false that they can only be sustained by a system of state-orchestrated coercion. For another discussion of "racism," see Thomas Jackson's classic essay. I have covered similar terrain in a short piece online at National Vanguard. Also see Sam Francis' Origins of the Word Racism and Kevin Strom's Facing Racial Realities. Readers familiar with modern British political history should take a look (off-site) at A Vindication of Enoch Powell, a useful exercise in stating the glaringly obvious.

What do the public really think about immigration?

By Sir Andrew Green
Chairman of Migration Watch UK
Conservativehome, 7 January, 2012
The immigration industry is in a corner.  The government are proceeding with wide-ranging reform of the immigration system supported by very strong public opinion.  Special interest groups are fighting rear guard actions, often based on misrepresentation of government policy. Otherwise, there is nobody arguing against the need to reduce net immigration.  Even Labour’s spokesman on immigration, Chris Bryant, was obliged to admit in Parliament that “yes of course we think that immigration has been too high and that it should be lower”.
Perhaps that is why some on the left are seeking to suggest that public opinion is not what it seems to be. The IPPR, the Migrants' Rights Network and others, have latched onto a paper produced by the Migration Observatory entitled “Thinking behind the numbers – understanding public opinion on immigration in Britain”.  And guess what... the BBC News website lapped it up too.
This paper reported the results of an opinion poll which sought the public’s views on various categories of migrant and whether they should be reduced (or increased).
They found, for example, that only about one third of the public wanted the number of students reduced – no doubt for the obvious reason that most of them go home after their courses. The picture on workers was more mixed; 59% wanted restaurant staff cut back but only 31% wanted the number of highly skilled workers reduced.
No surprises there - but the paper went on to suggest that, if the government did not take these preferences into account, they would risk reducing immigration in a way that a majority of the public did not support. This was the message that the immigration lobby and the BBC latched onto with such enthusiasm.  Unfortunately for them, the survey itself bore no relation to the government’s actual policies.  The general approach was not described, nor were respondents asked about any of the policy measures actually proposed. On the contrary, they were asked about a range of matters unrelated to present policies.  For example, they were asked whether the number of low skilled workers admitted to Britain should be reduced or not.  In fact, as the report recognised elsewhere, the only low skilled migrants admitted to Britain are from the EU over which the government has no control.  Respondents were then asked whether various categories of students should be increased, reduced or kept the same.  In fact, of course, the government policy is not to increase or reduce the number of students; it is to eliminate bogus students – a quite different matter. The paper did admit, however, that “there is no question that a large majority of the public supports overall reductions to immigration levels”.  They found that 69% supported this but even this figure was lower than usual because the survey included Scotland and 15-17 year olds where opposition to immigration is lower.
The only valid conclusion from this paper is that the public has a shaky knowledge of the details of immigration policy – a characteristic that appears to be shared by the authors and purveyors of the report. Those who had any part in canvassing, for whatever political party, during the last election will be in no doubt of the strength of public opinion on the subject.  If they are to retain the confidence of the public, the government would be well advised to stay firmly on the case.
See Briefing Paper No 10.26 for the memorandum on which this was based.
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