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Eugene Terre'Blanche's Afrikaner Resistance Movement - Rally

A Real and Present "Holocaust"

A Real and Present "Holocaust" - 27/01/12

*Warning, this article contains graphic images and some sickening truths, therefore if you are easily offended or of a weak disposition please read no more.

It's that sad day of the year again when we mournfully light our virtual candle in memory of those who have died in a "holocaust," but before we do so I feel we must explore the actual definition of the word "holocaust" so that we can understand just why we honour the victims we do:

Holocaust -
1. Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, esp. caused by fire or nuclear war: "a nuclear holocaust."
2. A
word of Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire."

As you will note from the definition above, the term Holocaust cannot be applied to the alleged/exaggerated crimes of 70 years ago as according to the claims of exuberant witnesses the tribe were not killed by fire but instead by a delousing agent. Therefore that simple fact (amongst other things) makes them ineligible to be included in our Holocaust memorial, so as usual we shall focus on the victims of a true and undeniable holocaust happening in the here and now - namely the victims of the current genocide being carried out against White people in South Africa, where many of the victims are in fact burnt to death. Never heard about it? Probably not as while we are reminded on a near daily basis of just how nasty "Whitey" is and how the slightest criticism of immigrants will lead to the slaughter of 6 million, we are being kept in the dark about the true nature of the beast in Africa, endorsed by the powers that be. Here's an eye-opener to help wake you up:

Picture taken from http://incogman.net/03/2010/i-killed-them-because-they-were-white/
Horrified? You should be as that is not props on the set of some gory Hollywood movie but in fact actual crime scene photographs from South Africa, and unfortunately they are some of the less graphic ones. White people in SA, commonly known as Boers, are being butchered by blacks at a frightening rate and the methods employed by the blacks nearly always reach the lowest levels of human depravity. More often than not the victims are tortured in such a manner as being hacked at and having body parts cut off (including sexual organs), burned alive or with hot objects, repeatedly bashed with blunt objects, humiliated verbally/physically and nearly every female is raped or sexually violated with objects in such a way as to destroy the body, examples of this include the female in the photo above who had a broom inserted right up her vagina through her internal organs and others who had broken bottles inserted inside them. One even had a crucifix rammed inside them. I must stress though that not all the murders follow the usual pattern of extreme violence, for there has also developed a new tend of deliberately aiming for Whites on the roads and running them down or knocking them off their bikes - murder nonetheless though.

These blacks are acting indiscriminately for all Whites from infants through to nonogenarian's, whether they be male or female, are targeted and there has even been a new phrase coined of "one bullet, one White infant." That, along with the frequent daubing of the victims walls with anti-White slogans (normally written with the victims blood) shows that these attacks are not random or the aftermath of a robbery but in fact that this is a deliberate targeting of White people with the agenda of racial genocide. A policy that is seemingly endorsed by many high ranking government/military officials and even the police, who are supposed to help the population regardless, have a bad track record of failing to respond to White victims. Also worrying is the rise in arrests of black officers for criminal activities including murder of Whites! This all makes for a very bad predicament for the Boers as they literally have no-one to turn to and in the odd occasions the police actually do catch and prosecute the attackers, there is a high chance the charges will be reduced, the suspects escape or the trial is botched.

It really is that bad for the Boer's but let us put it into numerical perspective just to hit it home - there are approximately 40000 commercial Boer farmers and there has been an estimated 4000 Boers murdered in the last 20 years. That is roughly 10% of the Boer farmer population wiped out, 1 in 10. Think of all your friends/families and imagine that within the next 20 years on average 1 in 10 of them will be murdered - doesn't bear thinking about does it?? What is sickening about the whole situation is that the Western world just sits back, brushes it over and does nothing to help yet we will bend over backwards to help "liberate oppressed people from ruthless dictators." I'm sure you know who we're talking about there so I will not hold back here and shall say that we have been liberating the wrong people recently, by that I mean we should be protecting our own kind first, that being those who are of the same race as us and who share our European culture, history and identity. Once we have done that then maybe we should see about helping others - maybe.

Let us imagine another scenario using that same statistic above, that 1 in 10 of a certain part of the population has been brutally murdered in the last 20 years. According to The Guardian the non-White population of Britain is now 9.1 million, given the same rate as above imagine if in the next 20 years 910000 of those were systematically murdered by Whites - imagine the uproar? I mean, just look at all the commotion over Steven Lawrence and times that by 910000, we'd quickly run out of places to hang memorials or streets/buildings to rename. That scenario would never (and quite rightly so) be allowed to happen so why do we allow it to happen to South Africa?? Whatever happened to all those people who were screaming for the end of Apartheid, are they endorsing just how violently unstable South Africa has become? Do they not care about the White South Africans? No, believe it or not some of those idiots actually believe that the Boers deserve everything they get for implementing the Apartheid system and that White people have no business being in Africa. To them I say fair enough, I will gladly swap every non-White person in Britain for every White person in Africa and let us see how long it is before Africa sinks even further into the mud. One word - Zimbabwe.

Hopefully the Boers in Africa get a reprieve very soon but I'm not feeling very optimistic on that, unfortunately the best chance they have at the moment is to emigrate but even then the odds are stacked against them. Back to the subject of holocaust memorial though, I hope you can see now why we chose to remember the dead of the current genocide against Whites in Africa as a whole, but remember it was also just over a 100 years ago that Britain shamefully invented concentration camps and implemented them against the Boer population. We must also remember those victims from yet another dark chapter in White history as, unlike later concentration camps, the camps Britain set-up actually were designed to kill off the population and were not just labour camps like those employed by another European nation in a later era.

May every White person who, through no fault of their own, has died at the hands of a non-White rest in peace.

* As stated earlier, don't expect any other parties to mention South Africa in the Holocaust memorials today and as for Alex Salmond, if the photo below is anything to go by it looks like bacon will be off the menu for him today as he cosies upto yet more of his "special friends"..........................

Friday, 17 February 2012

Society NGO Protests Bulgarian Neo-Nazi March.

Bulgaria: NGO Protests Bulgarian Neo-Nazi March
A photo displays last years Lukov March in Sofia. By BGNES

The European Network against Racism (ENAR) has demanded that the so-called Lukov March scheduled to take place in Sofia is canceled.

The NGO has sent a letter to Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and Bulgaria's Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev demanding the cancellation of the neo-Nazi torch procession that commemorate a Bulgarian general.

According to ENAR, Lukov March is a public event that gathers people who have showed open or covert adherence to fascist, neo-Nazi and ultra national-populist ideas.

General Hristo Lukov was the commanding General of the 13th Division of the Bulgarian Kingdom's Army during World War I, and later a Minister of War. During the Second World War he was a great supporter of the Axis powers, particularly Nazi Germany.

Lukov was the the leader of the right extremist Union of Bulgarian National Legions.

Bulgarian far-right groups have stated they would organize protests if the controversial Lukov March scheduled for February 18 in Sofia is cancelled.

so once again our freedoms and rights as true European sons and daughters are on the brink of being took away ,,they would allow this if it was a gay pride march or a anti racism march so why on earth do they prosecute us and good folk like our Bulgarian comrades ,,,,white European fight back is what we need ,,,stephh88 ed 14words Scotland

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day Of Honor 2012.mpg

words of the white

The dark ones are watching, with hate in their eyes; the difference in Me, I can see they despise...

The legends I know, fill me with sadness; apparently our people became infected with madness!

They aborted their Young, they neglected their Kin; they opened their borders and let strangers walk in!

White Family and Child, were once held supreme; but an alien race promised a Utopian dream...

Where all kinds live together, happy and free; coloured and White in 'equality'...

But the tales I was told, spoke of murder and hate; and the dream was a farce, and we realised too late...

To be proud of your Race in a treacherous time, became punishable by death, the ultimate crime!

So our Folk in their weakness, broken, downhearted... polluted their blood as their courage departed!

All over the World, our numbers declined; no thought for the future, to their fate they resigned...

Society crumbled, our Race disappeared; and none remained safe, all human contact was feared...

Buildings and monuments, became rubble and rust; civilisation was lost, and all turned to dust...

We once were a proud folk, so I was told; dashing and brave, fearless and bold!

But we slaughtered our Brothers, and decimated our breed; and only weakness was left, to safeguard our seed!

And I now alone, walk the ruins of Earth; no more of my kin, will EVER give birth!

The future is dead, and the past is forgotten; and all that survives, is decaying and rotten!

So with tears in my eyes, and dark thoughts in my mind; I look forward to death, as I am the last of my kind!

Blue in the eyes, and fair of the face; the light has gone out, and extinguished my Race!

Now darkness and chaos, are all that survive; and greatness and goodness, no longer will thrive!

The Planet will die, deathly quiet will descend; and the dark void of Space, is our ultimate end!