Thursday, 16 February 2012

words of the white

The dark ones are watching, with hate in their eyes; the difference in Me, I can see they despise...

The legends I know, fill me with sadness; apparently our people became infected with madness!

They aborted their Young, they neglected their Kin; they opened their borders and let strangers walk in!

White Family and Child, were once held supreme; but an alien race promised a Utopian dream...

Where all kinds live together, happy and free; coloured and White in 'equality'...

But the tales I was told, spoke of murder and hate; and the dream was a farce, and we realised too late...

To be proud of your Race in a treacherous time, became punishable by death, the ultimate crime!

So our Folk in their weakness, broken, downhearted... polluted their blood as their courage departed!

All over the World, our numbers declined; no thought for the future, to their fate they resigned...

Society crumbled, our Race disappeared; and none remained safe, all human contact was feared...

Buildings and monuments, became rubble and rust; civilisation was lost, and all turned to dust...

We once were a proud folk, so I was told; dashing and brave, fearless and bold!

But we slaughtered our Brothers, and decimated our breed; and only weakness was left, to safeguard our seed!

And I now alone, walk the ruins of Earth; no more of my kin, will EVER give birth!

The future is dead, and the past is forgotten; and all that survives, is decaying and rotten!

So with tears in my eyes, and dark thoughts in my mind; I look forward to death, as I am the last of my kind!

Blue in the eyes, and fair of the face; the light has gone out, and extinguished my Race!

Now darkness and chaos, are all that survive; and greatness and goodness, no longer will thrive!

The Planet will die, deathly quiet will descend; and the dark void of Space, is our ultimate end!

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