Thursday, 24 March 2011

blood oath

Blood Oath   Remember this o my kinsman The duty of the warrior is to live, not for life itself but to serve his Lord, Clan and people. So long as he breathes, ...so there is hope, the hope of knowing his enemies have been destroyed by his hand. To protect those he serves and those who serve him, when this duty has been discharged only then has he earned the right of passage to the otherworld. This solemn oath do we take to the Gods of our people, on our life, our blood our soul     The oath of the warrior We ask ye for naught o god of blood my passing, never freely sought, but always freely given.   My blood of the people, for the people. by my sword, blood of enemies shed, blood of glory.   That I may stand before thee, heavy with tribute from battle wrought. bedecked in the blood of my enemies.   I offer my fealty, my sword, my soul. I swear this by the blood of those gone, and of those yet to come.   On my sword fetched with my Blood (meant in the literal sense, blood must flow) I swear this by the Morrigan, who are the three of one.   To you Crom Cruach I say this.   Blood for the Blood God, may you drink long and deep This I swear. end   Under Celtic warrior tradition, you are not considered a man until you have killed an enemy at close quarters. That is to say having seen the light of his soul depart from his eyes. Probably why so many of my kinsmen are in the services.   

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