Saturday, 26 March 2011

justice gone mad again


I have just returned from the trial of the 2 ex BNP members accused of assaulting the 2 anarchists who had willingly gone out to deface the BNP poster showing utter contempt for the laws of of our land and disrupting our due political process. Regardless of the difference between our parties, Aberdeen NF members had made a decision to attend court to support fellow nationalists despite never having met the lads before. Today was the culmination of months of adjournments and I am still too shocked and disgusted with the verdict to even contemplate anger. To save the suspense I will tell you that one of the lads was found guilty and fined £300, but we shall discuss that more later.

Lets start by comparing the "victim and the attacker" and the difference is like, to put it bluntly black and white. Steven Thomson is a 44 year old man who until that point had never committed an offence in his life and his careers consisted of 12 years distinguished army service (which his discharge notes stated he was a completely honest and trustworthy individual) and a 7 year career in the prison service with no black marks against his name. Now we have Stefan Knust, who I can only presume is so ashamed of his name he feels the need to hide it on Facebook - especially his middle Islamic name. This giant of an individual thinks he is being smart by setting off a fire alarm during a council meeting, resulting in a danger to lives and a waste of taxpayers’ money - despite that being a cause he champions so dear. He also has a taste for funny cigarettes but then again this is probably to disguise the smell he leaves in a room if his personal hygiene performance in court is anything to go by. But then again we really can't expect a man who can't even fasten his jeans, resulting in him falling on his arse, to be able to wash properly. I'm not even gonna waste my time discussing Alistair Brian, or "Ali" as he likes to be known which is probably in honour of his Islamic master Stefan.

That's enough about the difference in character, lets discuss their action in court. They initially denied being members of the Aberdeen Anarchists, then backtracked when they realised they had plastered themselves all over the anarchists website and were too stupid to remember this. Ali was also like a giggling schoolgirl and was laughing repeatedly in the dock as if he was hoping there was some girl stupid enough in the stands to fall for his "charms" and rebellish ways. Aside from that they couldn't help but get political in the dock and this will no doubt go on their CV when they're sitting in their cosy little enclaves proclaiming how they had made a political stand and smashed the fascists to any brain-dead rich kid who will listen to them..................!! Funny how as soon as they had both finished in the dock they never showed face again to see how their big evil attacker had got on. Never mind I'm sure somebody will post the newslink on Facebook for you to "like!" Both of them openly admitted to committing a crime in court as the hated the BNP and their message - imagine if this was a BNP member who admitted he vandalised a Hate Racism poster as he hated the organisation and their message? 2/3 years perhaps?? Despite admitting it and boasting of their heroic deed the 2 students had a timely case of postcode justice and were allowed of with just a warning letter.

No point discussing the ins and outs of the trial, but it genuinely looked like the judge had to concede defeat when the PF accepted that Steven and his son were perfectly entitled to perform a citizens arrest. Oh no, this is Britain though and this obviously biased Sherriff was not be defeated and pulled out his "trump (get it Knust?)" card. He decided that he would accept the evidence of a police dog handler who was 100m up the road, turning right at a junction resulting in his view of the incident being through the passenger window whilst he had a hysterical Ali pleading that his boyfriend was being attacked (if so what kind of friend are you to abandon him?). Oh, I forgot to mention this was the middle of a March night and it was pitch black. It was clearly obvious that this police officer had been a witness in court numerous times and he had obviously studied his casebook beforehand. He, despite all the factors above that would of made even Superman struggle to see, clearly saw Steven Thomson punching into Mr Kunts. if that is the case why was the only person who was handcuffed was Stefan Knust??? Steven was only arrested after Ali and Kunts were allowed to hold hands together and concoct a story - playing the never fail race card.

To summarise it basically the whole trial has been a farce and a man has been wrongly convicted today on the dodgy evidence of a police dog man and the lies of a stoner student who were endorsed by a bias judge. £3oo for committing an offence whilst people of Stefans Ilk get £50 for burning poppies?

Two final words here have to go to the other parties involved (well, one is actual lack of) in the case.

First of all shame on the party who did not show any kind of moral support at all. Regardless of any political differences with this individual and the BNP now he is still a brother in the greater cause. And no, he is not NF now and although we have our political differences the NF still regard any white nationalists as brothers/sisters. Perhaps the man who likes to throw the cash about can get in contact to arrange the payment of the fine or is he gonna use it to buy manifestos instead? In fact, Steven shouldn’t even pay the fine full stop or even better let’s get a wee collection going on here to help him pay it. Steven is genuinely registered disabled and struggles financially so I think this would be a kind gesture to a fellow nationalist.

Secondly all Aberdeen NF members present decided in a situation like that it would be better to do some serious damage and sit in jail content at a job well done as opposed to staying within the law and getting convicted anyway. You can read into that what you want.

For the record, Aberdeen NF are not trying to score any political brownie points on this subject, it is a bad enough situation as it is without tying to capitalise on it. I genuinely am disgusted.

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I have just returned from the trial of the 2 ex BNP members accused of assaulting the 2 anarchists who had willingly gone out to deface the BNP poster

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  1. One type of Justice has failed us so next time lets use the other type.