Thursday, 14 April 2011

bff scotland pay respeacts to ss at ysselsteyn war grave yard

family still remebers there fallen froma brother an a sister
ein deutscher soldat ,a germ soilder
on a cold rainy march afternoon my selph (steph88) and my dutch girl freiand attendetd a ss grave yard in the southern part of holland ,my heart sank but also filled with a strange over wellimg honour to be the preacence of the fallen heros of our race ,,,, when i saw the amount of grave stones lined in countless rows ,,out of i think 33 to 35 thousand graves 70 or 80 are from the ww1,and the 000s more from 39/45 war ,,a quiet setting with trees blowing in the cold rainy wind ,a raven breaks the sileance as we make our way up the great path way ,sudenly the chime of bells a sweet tune and every bell marked also with the name of a soilder ands his her rank div ......we reached the great circle in the middle to were i saw therea reef from the brittish embassy attached  holland at a german war grave yard,,with the words at the going down of the sun we shall remeber them ,,,,we stood and saluted as we had a mins thought for these brave souls ,,,,,there honour was true and they gave all ,,,,am sure they never thought europe would be over run by non whites and ilegals bringing there death to our young with drugs ,,,every year i will go here and remeber these brave ns soilders ,,,for there honour was true 88 mein bruiders ,,,,no matter what side they fell we will rember our fallen white brothers and sisters and shout no more brothers wars ,,steph88 femke 88 scottish dutch white resistance ,,,,

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