Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Muslims call to set up three Islamic enclaves in UK ruled only by sharia law « Creeping Sharia

The Daily Mail refers to these Muslims as extremists. But are Muslim conquests of non-Muslim territory extreme or a central theme in Islam’s history? Is this request more extreme than ‘Palestinians’ waging jihad for a separate state? More extreme than Muslims in Kashmir, the Philippines, Russia, Serbia, or any other place? History suggests not. via Islamic extremists call to set up three independent states in the UK that fall under Shariah law | Mail Online.

Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states in the UK.

The notorious Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group have named Yorkshire towns Bradford and Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets in East London as testbeds for blanket sharia rule.

The medieval ‘emirates’ would function as autonomous territories and operate entirely outside British law, according to a document on their website.

The MAC group, led by Abu Assadullah, was set up last year and has grown in infamy because of its violent protests, most provocatively burning poppies during the Remembrance Day silence.

Under the heading ‘Muslims should set up Islamic emirates in the UK’ the document states: ‘We suggest it is time that areas with large Muslim populations declare an emirate delineating that Muslims trying to live within this area are trying to live by the sharia as much as possible with their own courts and community watch and schools and even self sufficient trade.

‘Likely areas for these projects might be Dewsbury or Bradford or Tower Hamlets to begin with.

‘In time we can envisage that the whole of the sharia might one day be implemented starting with these enclaves.’

The call is likely to cause anger among moderate Muslims and community leaders in the areas earmarked.

London 7/7 bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan lived in Dewsbury, which has battled to diffuse extremism in recent years.

The suicide bomber studied at Dewsbury College and was radicalised at the mosque in the town near Leeds.

In 2007, it was alleged that a number of Muslims in Dewsbury were running an illegal Islamic court from a school and similar claims have been made in Tower Hamlets and Bradford.

Tower Hamlets council was last year accused of falling under the control of extremist groups following a documentary by the Daily Telegraph journalist Andrew Gilligan.

Other inflammatory instructions include demanding the release of all Muslim prisoners, a ban on Muslims joining the police or armed forces and a rejection of British democracy.

The document concludes: ‘We can conclude that measures by the UK government are nothing more than an attempt by them to strip the Muslim community of their Islamic identity and to integrate them into the non-Islamic way of life which is totally rejected by Islam and Muslims.’

Tower Hamlets and Kirklees Council, the local authority for Dewsbury, refused to comment.

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