Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Baby P killer is free on Friday

Baby P killer is free on Friday

Double insult as Shoesmith set for £2.5m

Anniversary ... Baby P
Anniversary ... Baby P

ONE of the evil trio jailed over Baby P's death will walk free on Friday, The Sun can reveal.

Jason Owen's release date emerged on the eve of today's fourth anniversary of the 17-month-old's tragic end.

Owen, 39, was jailed just over two years ago along with his brother Steven Barker and Baby P's mum Tracey Connelly.

In a second blow to the child's memory, judges yesterday gave bungling boss Sharon Shoesmith the go-ahead to claim £2.5million over her sacking.

Locked up ... Peter's evil mum Tracey, left, and Jason Owen, due for release near tragic anniversary
Locked up ... Peter's evil mum Tracey, left, and Jason Owen, due for release near tragic anniversary

Both moves were blasted by Government sources.

Peter had a snapped spine and more than 50 injuries.

Owen was convicted of causing or allowing Peter's death along with the toddler's mum Tracey and her boyfriend Steven Barker, who are still behind bars.

He was given an indeterminate sentence with a three-year minimum in May 2009. But that was reduced on appeal after it was decided there was not enough evidence he posed a future risk.

It is thought Owen, Barker's brother, will be given a new identity and possibly plastic surgery to foil attacks by outraged parents.

Boost ... Shoesmith
Boost ... Shoesmith

The Justice Ministry refused to comment on his release. But a Government source said: "It beggars belief they could let him out around this time."

Meanwhile Ms Shoesmith - head of children's services in Haringey, North London, at the time of Peter's death - was given a huge boost.

Supreme Court judges booted out an appeal by Education Secretary Michael Gove and her former council employers against a ruling that she was unfairly sacked.

It later emerged they dismissed the appeal without even hearing the case.

Their decision means Ms Shoesmith could now pocket up to £1million in damages and £1.5million in pension rights.

The judges backed an Appeal Court ruling that ex-Children's Secretary Ed Balls was wrong to fire her and should have met her beforehand.

The Education Department said it was "very disappointed". A spokesman added: "The Government still believes it was right in principle for Sharon Shoesmith to be removed from her post."

Haringey Council said: "We stand by everything we have done."

Mr Balls declared he was "surprised and concerned".

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