Monday, 8 August 2011

Hollywood Movie Plays out in London - 08/08/11

views of the National Front as a whole.

Hollywood Movie Plays out in London - 08/08/11


If you have been following the London riots lately, you'd have been forgiven if you thought you were actually watching a trailer for this summers blockbuster - Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The similarities really are striking however, unlike the animals running around London, at least the apes in the movie were justified in their rebellion as they really had been mistreated and abused by the powers that be. Lets compare that with the blacks running amok in London, who's excuse for running riot is that the police were out of order for killing a black gangster who had shot at them, sorry "allegedly" shot at them.

Regardless of whether he shot or not there was a handgun found in the vehicle. Bottom line is if you want to be a big boy and play with guns you have to accept the risk you may get shot. Would there have been as much outrage if Mark Duggan had never been killed by the police and in fact used his gun to kill an innocent bystander caught in the cross-fire? Of course not, it would have just been notched up as another life needlessly taken by gun crime and maybe given a spot on the national news. It appears that blacks have used his death as an opportunity to go on a looting spree and cause untold damage to the community. Where is the logic in that - a black man has been killed by the police so let's burn our neighbours houses and cars??!! Beggars belief but then what do you expect from people who are alien to our shores?

Worst of all is the typical left wing idiots bending over backwards to excuse the rioters, with the usual sob story of "hard done by," "poverty," "lack of opportunities" blah de blah de blah. No, blacks are not hard done by and certainly not oppressed by the police. Statistics have shown that blacks in London are the most likely to commit gun crimes, robberies and street crime so it only figures that police are going to target blacks more. Simple logic. If blacks do not want to be targeted by the police then they must change their ways and their attitude to things, especially the gang culture mentality that is rife. Blacks are also not at any more risk of poverty than the rest of us as well, perhaps they should learn to budget more and cut down spending on drugs, bling and rap cd's. Then there is the codswallop about "lack of opportunities," again there is plenty of opportunities for blacks to pull themselves out of the gutter but it appears many of them like it down there. If anything blacks are being giving priority treatment over Whites nowadays in so called "positive discrimination." Non-Whites have never had it so good in this country yet still it is not enough.

These riots are going to spread all over England due to the golden opportunity to go on looting sprees and the poor response by the police to brutally put down the protests. I have seen football fans treated worse by the police just for standing up at a game. In the short term we must send in the Army and even TA to crush the looters (I'm sure they'll enjoy it and could do with the practice!) otherwise this is seriously going to spiral out of control. In the long term we must eject these foreign invaders from our shores to ensure we do see a repeat performance of these scenes. Think that's harsh? Just imagine in 20-30 years time when Scottish cities are under siege by non-Whites and it is your house and car that's being burnt out. No, the future certainly does not look bright under multiculturalism.

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