Friday, 17 August 2012

Label56 and Other White Nationalists Turning There Backs On Someone Who Took Action

hail the resistance ,,,,,here is a article i found on one of the many racial sights i surf every day just keeping intouch , i found this quite disturbing as it shows how our own can turn agasint one of our warriors if iots gonna affect how some ones money is made ,,,wtf we at are war folks and in war any thing goes for the ultimate victory ,,,read this and give me your thoughts please ,,,,,,,,,

On Aug. 5, 2012, a gunman went on a shooting rampage at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., killing six people and wounding three others.

The gunman was identified as Wade Michael Page, 40, a United States Army veteran who served from 1992 until 1998. Several days after the shooting, officials reported that Mr. Wade died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The authorities had reported earlier that he was fatally shot by a police officer.

Mr. Page — who lived in a rented apartment in Cudahy, about five miles from the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin — was known to have ties with the white supremacist movement. (He was in the bands Definite hate and End Apathy.)

News article

Statement on Label56's Website:

Label 56 is very sorry to hear about the tragedy in Wisconsin and our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who are affected. We have worked hard over the years to promote a positive image and have posted many articles encouraging people to take a positive path in life, to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and just general behavior that can affect ones life negatively. Likewise we have never sought attention by using “shock value”/ symbols and ideology that are generally labeled as such. With that being said, all images and products related to End Apathy have been removed from our site. We do not wish to profit from this tragedy financially or with publicity.

In closing please do not take what Wade did as honorable or respectable and please do not think we are all like that.

Thank you, Label 56
I was very dishearten to see that above statement. (would they issue the same about The Order or any other martyrs of our race?)
Seems like the label isn't out for action and won't support anyone who stands up for our race. Seems like there just in it for the money. After all they are against copying of the music and messages too.)

But Label56 hasn't been the only ones who turned against one of our own there has been various posts on stormfront and other places where people are making him out to be a bad person for taking action instead of sitting on the side lines and complaining. Keyboard Warriors.

If our people continue this trend of speaking out against our own and standing up for non-whites nothing will change and in the end our race will be no more.

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