Saturday, 11 January 2014

greetings and racial regards from all at 14words scotland ,

racial regards all and a very happy 2014 to yous all .. the blog was hacked by the left for a while and turned into some vile porn site but we have regained control of the 14words Scotland blog and will be posting and advertising events to be held in the white resistance world , over the past 12 months i have traveled to various lands and stayed with some great like minded folk in our struggle , we have met some good folk of all ages and seen some great bands and speakers at various events ,but the highlight of of my travels was crete in October were my self and my lovely white lass from Holland met and shared some words with the GOLDEN DAWN party of Greece , i am sure you've seen the good folk of the GOLDEN DAWN on your tv screens or read about them in the tabloids , well every thing that the main stream media reports is utter crap and bull shit these folk who run and support the GOLDEN DAWN are true committed white nationalists /national socialists and are ready to fight to there last breath for a decent future for there familys,
they have gained great wins in local and national elections and hold 18 seats in the parliament of Greece , at every turn they are being harassed and badgered into knuckling down to the corrupt system and political party's who run there land , but at every turn they are meeting these threats face on and not wavering in any way  they stick true and good to there path of rights for true Greek folk and not to be treated as second class citizens in there own land , they told us that 2014 will be there year in Greece and so far they have been right in there words , but with every peace of good news from them there is always bad news and the bad news came in the form of the left wing idiots killing in cold blood two young comrades of the GOLDEN DAWN party in Athens Greece , they were standing out side the party s offices when a motor cycle drew up and a gun man stepped from the back of the motor bike and opened fire on the various defenseless folk who stood out side , sadly killing one out right and seriously wounding another who later passed away in hospital , now there was some media attention on this sad and vile act by the left wing race traitors but not half as much as it would have been if the out come was reversed and it was GOLDEN DAWN supporters who had killed left wing scum that is fact not fiction as we see it every day in our own lands , look at Stephen Lawrence for example we are constantly reminded about him and his so called murder , but we are not told he was involved in various illegal acts and was pictured using a black power salute ,, that is why we need to keep up the fight for our own folks and support orgs in ours and  different lands as much as we can this is a fight for our very survival as a race and our children's  futures depend on us keeping up the fight ,our hearts and minds are one , we would like to send out our heart felt condolences to the family's of the murdered Greek comrades from the GOLDEN DAWN and to any other family who have lost any family members to this corrupt multicultural world we live in , one day we will seek and reep revenge on those who would kill us for the way we want to live and the way we want to teach our children to live ,  it is our rights as true white european men and woman ,, white pride world wide ,, steph admin and author of 14 words scotland ,, keep up the fight ...

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