Sunday, 22 May 2011

nationa fronts responce to snp insult on the national front and its candidates

HAIL ALL here is the responce to the snp and there fake nationalist councilers who like to dish out insults to those they fear and that what they dont understand ,,,,,

Lothian Candidates Attacked by SNP Yet Again - 21/05/11
Ms. Constance from the newly victorious SNP has become the latest MSP to attack the Scottish National Front in the local papers. Ms Constance feels deep regret that the Scottish National Front stood a candidate at the May election when in fact we stood 2 candidates in West Lothian.

This is not the first time we have been verbally attacked and denied our democratic rights. Our candidates had 2 hustings cancelled last minute because the rot did not dare to debate with us. Its a shame that the electorate was treated like a bunch of fools. Mark our words we will stand against corruption at every level and will stand against our new fake Nationalist government.

Firstly our Central Scotland candidates pulled in nearly 900 votes in 2 constituencies. This will increase in the coming local council elections as our support grows every day. The Scottish National Front has taken a huge step in the May 5th elections and will continue to grow. Thank you to everyone that has supported us in the fight for true British Nationalism.

We make it clear that we stand against Paedophiles, terrorists (supported by the SNP), murderers, rapists, drugs and offenders of violent crimes. We stand to purify our existing culture to reflect our Northern European heritage.

So attack us and attack us and attack us and we will stand and stand and stand. We will not be broken... EVER!!!

Here is the official National Front Scotland response to Ms. Constance, of which we do not expect a reply as usual:

Dear Angela,
                   I have been informed that you sent a letter to the west lothian courier and decided in your wisdom to verbally abuse our party. You said and I quote  "You deeply regretted that the National Front stood candidates" in the Scottish parliamentary elections on the 5th May. I find this disturbing on several levels and I will explain to you my thoughts on this.

1) What right do you as a member of the "Fake Nationalist" SNP have to criticise our legal right to contest any election in the UK? You belong to a "Multi Cultural" party that bizarrely wants independence from the rest of the UK but wants closer ties with the failed EU. You and your Muslim loving leader are a disgrace to the Scottish people. Ask the people of Scotland if they want these non-christians in our country and the vast majority will say no. Allah Salmond has played a blinder by sucking up to these people and getting their votes. But the real test for your party is when another Islamic atrocity hits our country, and it will sooner or later.

2) We, as a legitimate law abiding party, have the right to contest any elections we choose and will continue to do so in the future. It took over 70 years for the traitors in the SNP to get to where they are today. We don't have 70 years to save our country and race. We might only have 3-4 years to stop the annihilation of the Scottish people and their pure bloodline. But we will succeed and the undesirables will be "Re-settled" to their homelands.

3) Allah Salmond once said that Scotland should be like her tartan "All colours interwoven as one." We all know what this phoney nationalist meant. He wants to destroy our race and create a mongrelised people to govern. This will not be allowed to happen.

I find you to be a very sad individual indeed if you think that the National Front contesting 5 constituencies is worthy of you taking the time to write to the newspapers. You are a non entity and you will be found out just like the rest of the treacherous MSPs that have been elected under the SNP banner.

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